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Entrepreneur, best selling author,

mom, wife, and international speaker

Chandi Rae is a Personal Image Consultant and Certified Life Coach that helps women all over the world break up with fear and low self-esteem and build stronger relationships with confidence and self efficacy.

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Virtual Vanish Board

Are you ready to "vanish" what is blocking

you from manifesting your vision?

The Vanish Board is an International Workshop designed to identify, define, and uproot barriers and limiting beliefs. For more than four years, Vanish Board has helped thousands of men and women worldwide from Dayton, OH to Nairobi, Kenya.

Now, Coach Chandi Rae is excited to present the Virtual Vanish Board VIP Experience. Work with her one-on-one as she empowers you to self-discover roadblocks that have kept you from making your vision a reality.

After your Vanish Board Experience, you will be able to confidently create a vision board free of debris and allows you to operate from a place of clarity and wholeness.

Schedule your 60-minute session below today! All sessions are recorded. This is a introductory experience.


Is your confidence conflicted?

Get a copy of Chandi's latest book, Confidence Conflict on to help combat negative perceptions.


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