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Chandi Rae

Self-made entrepreneur Chandi Rae is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana, a teen mom and military brat.  Chandi Rae grew up in Tennessee, California, and Germany which postured her as a well rounded and grounded woman who’s able to navigate well in diverse cultures.

 Chandi Rae is an International speaker, image consultant and a board-certified life coach specializing in confidence and image transformation. Chandi Rae developed a strong love and passion for professional development after transformative training with world renown motivational speaker, Les Brown. Her encounter sent her on a healing journey, and she wanted nothing more than to show other women how to go from pain to purpose. Chandi soon created a life transformational workshop and retreat called Vanish Board. Vanish Board is an international hit that impacts women from all across the United States and abroad in countries including Canada, Port Antonio, Jamaica, and Africa. In 2019, Chandi Rae will take her conferences, Tell Your Story, and Shero the Runway internationally to Nairobi, Kenya.


Though Chandi possesses many gifts and skill sets, she is very humble in character, compassionate, and giving. She accredits these accomplishments to the strength and core of who she is which lies in her strong spiritual beliefs. Chandi Rae’s ultimate mission is to spread hope and empower women globally to visualize and manifest the life of their dreams and to exemplify an authentic image from the inside out.​

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